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Say goodbye to unseen time loss! The biggest problem faced in production is the time loss experienced while the raw materials are loaded into the machines and final products are removed from the machines.
YS/YB 500 zeroes out all these time losses. Its continuous operation feature makes the stock ready for use as soon as it is thinned.
Fifteen minutes following product input, thinned stock starts to flow into the stock tanks placed at the output side. As an alternative to batch system, this machine also provides energy savings as well as time, while easily achieving the desired thickness.
The machine design consists of 2 pieces: thinning roll and stock tank, which are synchronised by valves.
Body speed can be adjusted from PLC screen. Particle size can be adjusted between 16 and 25 micron by increasing or decreasing the speed.
The mobile platform on which the body is placed allows easy access at all points for cleaning.
Its compact structure and lower noise level in comparison to its competitors, in addition to its technical features, are some of the reasons that make this product the customer's choice.
Settled body moving platform at each point provides easy cleaning facilities.
Understandable commands, with easy to use machine is provided. Errors that may occur during operation, thanks to excellent signage visible from the main screen.
Small footprint and quieter operation compared to similar, technical specifications, as well as the more preferred means is a plus.
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