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This machine is a high capacity mill comprised of coupling of five different pieces of equipment.
In this system comprised of 1300 kilogram capacity pre-thinning melanger, two pieces of thinning rolls and storage tanks, product flow is ensured by valves, pumps and jacketed pipes.
YS/B 1000 puts less load on the mixer thanks to high capacity pre-thinning melanger, removing the need for mixing altogether in some products. According to suitability of the formula, the stock can be processed in pre-process mixers or placed into the melanger without any processing.
The whole system, including pipes and valves, is jacketed to prevent frozen chocolate from causing breakage.
Operation can be followed on screen with PLC controlled actuator valves. Thanks to their permeability characteristics actuator valves prevent the largest problem faced by systems with active water circulation: stoppage due to waste water ingress.
Hardened mixing flukes are manufactures of corrosion resistant material.
To ensure easy and quick thinning of stock and homogenous distribution of particles the machine is operated with ball milling suitable for 350 kg of food items. Since motor power is selected according to rapid movement rate of ball milling the motor does not overheat.
Soft-starter feature provides smooth transition at the beginning and the end of the operation, thus completely eliminating motor overload and motor burnouts associated with this.
Soft-starter seçeneği, makinaya operasyon başlangıcı ve bitiminde yumuşak geçiş imkanı verdiği için , motora aşırı güç yüklenmesi ve buna bağlı motor yanması sorununu tamamen ortadan kaldırmıştır.
The machine can thin 600-650 kg of product per hour down to 20-25 microns.
Machine structure and pumps also allows substitution of crystal sugar in place of powdered sugar in the formula.
İki Tüplü Bilyalı Değirmen YS/B 1000


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